Mayal Malok Lee Homestay

Dzongu, is a Lepcha reserve located near Mangan, HQ of North Sikkim District. Surrounded by almighty of Himalaya in one side and Teesta and Tholung Chu River on other two sides consists of beautiful landscapes, numerous falls, deep forests and simple people.
Dzongu is that the untouched heaven within the northern Sikkim with a hanging beauty. Mountains, streams, waterfalls, thick forests, small lovely Lepcha hamlets, completely pollution free air and divine calmness is what characterizes the place. It’s been recently spread out for tour spot and it’s however to draw in hoards of the tourist as business isn’t well developed however. Solely 4-5 Home Stays are out there. This makes Dzongu an awfully unforgettable expertise in itself. There aren’t any normal itineraries out there to explore Dzongu.
You’ve got to create the set up on your own with the assistance of Home stay homeowners. If you so need a non-commercialized nature keep, this is often the place. Walking, trekking, taking baths in rivers/waterfalls/hot water spring, birding, running behind the butterflies, visiting small hamlets, fancying native preparation and staying in ancient Lepcha homes is what you’ll be able to enjoy here. Dzongu does not have hotels on lodges like other places. The ethnic Lapcha Homestay serves the purpose of hotel or lodge.

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